Land of Hidden Fires – Kirk Kjeldsen

Rating: 5/10 Review: I have really high expectations for war novels. Since my first ever war book, Schindler's Ark, I have steadily become more and more disappointed in the niche. My theory is that people become sloppy. They do their research about the amazing events, scenery and people that are in involved. They blow everyones … Continue reading Land of Hidden Fires – Kirk Kjeldsen

The Evening Chorus – Helen Humphreys

Rating: 6.5/10 Review:  When I'm commuting into work each day, usually my nose is stuffed into a book or my head is tilted down at a tiny smart phone screen. Some days though, I'm just not in the mood to absorb any more information. On those days, I just sit and stare out the window. … Continue reading The Evening Chorus – Helen Humphreys