His Last Bow – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Foreword: A smart person probably would have reviewed the first of this series. A smart person. Rating: 6/10 Review:     Truly, there is nothing quite like the homoerotic tension between Sherlock and Watson. When I really think about what drew me into this series, I don't think it was the writing, the setting or the crimes. It … Continue reading His Last Bow – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Sonnet 14

Urgh. So, I need to procrastinate. I have a 40% assignment to study for but I have absolutely no drive to do any work on it and I'm a bit too stressed to post out a really well thought out review. So I thought I'd just discuss one of my favorite Shakespearean sonnets and why … Continue reading Sonnet 14

Seven Pillars Of Wisdom – T.E. Lawrence

Foreword: This is going to be such a difficult review to write and I am so aware that many people will utterly disagree with most of what I write. But, I guess this is from the point of view of a teenage girl so... try to understand. 😀 Rating: 5/10 Review: I'm going to first … Continue reading Seven Pillars Of Wisdom – T.E. Lawrence


A Little Princess – Frances Hodgson Burnett

Foreword: Even though I wasn't originally going to watch the Royal Wedding, I flicked onto a live channel for a few seconds and didn't stop watching for another six hours. Probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Incredibly hopeful, optimistic and just plain delightful. So, I decided to review a book … Continue reading A Little Princess – Frances Hodgson Burnett


True Grit – Charles Portis

Foreword: I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the John Wayne classic and recent remake film, True Grit. Well, it's actually based off a classic of the same name. I decided to tackle it after watching the movie and really enjoying it. Rating: 8/10 Review:  There are few books that really capture the harshness … Continue reading True Grit – Charles Portis


Jane Eyre – Emily Bronte

Foreword: I personally believe that this book is overlooked a lot of the time in favor of the other Bronte sisters books, such as Wuthering Heights. I first read this in high school, actually studied it, which was surprising as I actually enjoyed it. Usually studying books in school ruins them forever, but for some … Continue reading Jane Eyre – Emily Bronte