I Will Not Finish This Book

Last night, I had a conversation with a friend that really opened my eyes. She¬†loves¬†books. She has an incredibly neat and well arranged bookcase that she is immensely proud of. In her house, no book goes unloved. So you can imagine my shock when I found out that she had thrown a book in the … Continue reading I Will Not Finish This Book


Broadening My Horizons

I've had some thoughts. Like, one or two. It was intense. Anyways, I was thinking that perhaps I should open this blog up to more review options. While I do read a lot, it isn't enough to ensure a good, constant stream of posts on a regular basis and I enjoy updating this blog way … Continue reading Broadening My Horizons

To Read – Christmas List

It's been a while since I've felt that burning need to consume and devour books. I think a big part of my sudden surge in motivation is that I have been switching between reading formats. Sometimes I use my Kindle and sometimes and I like to feel the pages between my fingers. I do think … Continue reading To Read – Christmas List


Sonnet 14

Urgh. So, I need to procrastinate. I have a 40% assignment to study for but I have absolutely no drive to do any work on it and I'm a bit too stressed to post out a really well thought out review. So I thought I'd just discuss one of my favorite Shakespearean sonnets and why … Continue reading Sonnet 14